Driving Course Plan

Week 1@2x

Our students arrive for orientation and are issued learning materials, to include a tablet.

We enroll our students into a robust virtual environment where they will prepare for their Commercial Learners Permit (CLP).

Through a combination of on-site and at home learning, our students will successfully complete the Theory Based Federal Curriculum.

By weeks end, they have will have obtained the knowledge to successfully pass the State of Nebraska’s CLP exam.

Week 2@2x

Students arrive for their second week and begin behind the wheel training.  They will learn how to:

  • Log into and out of a real world Electronic Logging Device (ELD)
  • Pre-Trip a Tractor and Trailer
  • Couple and Uncouple a Tractor from a Trailer
  • Table Top Sandbox exercises on Tractor/Trailer movement
  • Begin Backing in the Yard
  • Begin Forward Movement in the Yard
Week 3@2x

Students continue to work on skills from week 2 but now begin to learn how to:

  • Map Read
  • Movement on the Roadway
  • Highway Driving
Week 4@2x

Students will continue to master all skills from all 3 weeks and build their clock hours of instruction.  By weeks end they will:

  • Take their State of Nebraska Road Skills test and if they successfully complete it – be issued their Class A CDL Operators License.